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Message from Mr. Olsen


The following was sent to Stagg High School families on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

This morning, a number of Stagg students participated in a peaceful and student-organized act of demonstration related to school safety. Communicating via social media, they invited students to gather in the stadium.  An estimated 1000 students participated in this student-organized event.  They spent approximately 10 minutes reading a speech, a poem and reading the names of the victims of the lives lost in the Florida school shooting.  They concluded with a moment of silence remembering those lost due to school violence.  At the conclusion, they respectfully returned to class. Those students who chose to not participate in the demonstration remained in classrooms with teachers.  The event took approximately 30 minutes to complete from students leaving class to all students returning to class.

Thank you to Palos Hills Police for their additional assistance in ensuring student safety during this event. 

As was communicated to families on February 26 in anticipation of possible demonstrations, managing safety was the school’s primary focus. This included school officials coordinating with local law enforcement to assist in ensuring student safety. The students who participated conducted themselves in a positive manner as they expressed their beliefs related to school safety.



Eric Olsen

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