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Physical Education

StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
Augustyniak, Michelle Division Chair PhysEd/Health/DriverEd 708-974-7400 x7435
Bouck, Patricia DC Secretary PhysEd/DrEd/Health 708-974-7400 x7461
Bryers, Sarah PE Teacher 708-974-7400 x7230
Buglio, Brian PE Teacher 708-974-7400 x7738
Carr, Jason PE Teacher 708-974-7400 x7739
Carrier, Dan PE Teacher 708-974-7400 x7785
Cordova, Kathleen PE Teacher 708-974-7400 x7821
Degliomini, Abby PE/Health Teacher 708-974-7400 x7346
Gaido, Mary PE/Health Teacher 708-974-7400 x7202
Jackson, Brian PE/HealthTeacher 708-974-7400 x7508
Jelcic, Nick PE Teacher 708-974-7400 x7583
Lally, Thomas PE/Driver Ed Teacher 708-974-7400 x7260
Peterson, Kelly PE Teacher 708-974-7400 x7272
Pila, Kristin PE Teacher 708-974-7400 x7227
Polz, Clinton PE/Driver Ed Teacher 708-974-7400 x3256
Shalvis, Matt PE/Driver Ed Teacher 708-974-7400 x7247
Smith, Bryan PE/Driver Ed Teacher 708-974-7400 x7276
Stachon, Nicole PE Teacher 708-974-7400 x7261
Swanson, Mary PE/Health Teacher 708-974-7400 x7281
Syska, Thomas PE/Driver Ed Teacher 708-974-7400 x7268
Thomas, Cynthia PE/Driver Ed Teacher 708-974-7400 x7277
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