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StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
Abdellatif, Amal ELL Teacher 708-974-7400 x7229
Abudayyeh, Reneh Special Services Teacher 708-974-7400 x7794
Ade, Brian Social Studies Teacher 708-974-7400 x7753
Al-Takriti, Nisrin ELL Program Aide 708-974-7400 x7288
Alberts, Keith Cashier 708-974-7400 x7470
Alberts, Sue Main Office Secretary 708-974-7400 x7475
Allen, Theresa Special Services Program Aide 708-974-7400 x7221
Alstadt, Kate Math Teacher 708-974-7400 x7344
Andrews, Lisa Math Teacher 708-974-7400 x7528
Anello, Sue Dean's Attendance Secretary 708-974-7400 x7495
Anton, Betty Media Secretary 708-974-7400 x7481
Ardizzone, Tracey Title 1 Intervention Assistant 708-974-7400 x7355
Augustyniak, Michelle Division Chair PhysEd/Health/DriverEd 708-974-7400 x7435
Azhari, Arwa Art Teacher 708-974-7400 x7768
Baikie, William Building Manager 708-974-7400 x7468
Baniewicz, Jennifer Social Studies Teacher 708-974-7400 x7809
Begani, Laura Media Specialist 708-974-7400 x7926
Bennett, Kristina Special Services Teacher 708-974-7400 x7314
Berg, Steven Special Services Program Aide 708-974-7400 xNA
Berg, Brian Social Studies Teacher 708-974-7400 x7910
Beric, Andrea English Teacher 708-974-7400 x7588
Bertola, Julie Math Teacher 708-974-7400 x7343
Betz, Christopher Music Teacher 708-974-7400 x7521
Biel, Tricia Math Teacher 708-974-7400 x7818
Bode, Marian Title 1 Intervention Asst. 708-974-7400 x7705
Bogosh, Darlene Special Services Program Aide 708-974-7400 x7828
Bouck, Patricia DC Secretary PhysEd/DrEd/Health 708-974-7400 x7461
Brown, Jackie Family & Consumer Science Teacher 708-974-7400 x7224
Brown, Laura English Teacher 708-974-7400 x7232
Bryers, Sarah PE Teacher 708-974-7400 x7230
Buglio, Brian PE Teacher 708-974-7400 x7738
Buglio, Kimberly Science Teacher 708-974-7400 x7764
Campos, Christopher Dean 708-974-7400 x7497
Carr, Mary Pat Head Dean 708-974-7400 x7490
Carr, Jason PE Teacher 708-974-7400 x7739
Carrier, Dan PE Teacher 708-974-7400 x7785
Castillo, Reggie Athletic Trainer 708-974-7400 x7427
Christie, Thomas Special Services Teacher 708-974-7400 x7244
Cibelli, Michael Social Studies Teacher 708-974-7400 x7776
Cimo, Ashley English Teacher 708-974-7400 x7283
Cole, Mary Special Services Program Aide 708-974-7400 x7536
Colletti, Mike English Teacher 708-974-7400 x7585
Collins, Dennis Science Teacher 708-974-7400 x7267
Conrath, Tim Math Teacher 708-974-7400 x7418
Cordova, Kathleen PE Teacher 708-974-7400 x7821
Corr, Kathleen Special Services Teacher 708-974-7400 x7555
Cozzi, Elizabeth Special Services Program Aide 708-974-7400 x7284
Creevy, Michael Special Services Teacher 708-974-7400 x7316
Cuthbert, Katherine Special Services Teacher 708-974-7400 x7203
Daniels, John Math Teacher 708-974-7400 x7816
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