Stagg High School


Fall 2018- Click here to sign up for Colleges Visiting Stagg

Getting into college takes hard work, commitment, and attention to dates and details. An admission decision, GPA, or test score is not a full measure of your abilities.

You should:
  • RESEARCH the colleges that you are interested in attending. Do they have the major you want to study? How much does it cost? What do you need to do to get admitted? 
  • GO VISIT THE COLLEGE!! Take a detailed tour and talk specifically with an advisor/admissions counselor.
  • BE open-minded and trust your instincts in choosing a college. Make the best choice of where to apply and which college to attend based on information you gather and college visits.
There is a great deal of information to consider when planning for college. The guidance counselors at Stagg are here to help you go through the process.
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