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Stagg_LogoIf you are planning an Amos Alonzo Stagg High School Class Reunion and would like assistance contacting your classmates, please contact us! Contact information about your planning committee or reunion can also be posted here. E-mail Director of Communications Carla Erdey at Please specify which high school and which class. 


Stagg’s First Graduating Class - 50th Reunion


June 2018 is the 50th reunion of our graduation and we are planning a reunion party. 
When:  June 9, 2018                                                   
Where: Chet’s Melody Lounge - 7400 Archer Road,  Justice, Illinois 60458
Cost: $40 per person                                                               
Time: 2:00 PM to whenever
For information or to be included, contact Maureen (Mulligan) Bauer at 708-638-7129 or



District 230 Foundation 
Legacy Hall

District 230 has many outstanding alumni who have used their education and experience to become successful, positive contributors to society. District 230 Foundation Legacy Hall was established to recognize and showcase graduates who exemplify the core mission of District 230: adults prepared to realize their life-long potential in an ever-changing world. Through Legacy Hall we recognize those individuals who have created a legacy for current and future students to follow in the halls of District 230. Learn more

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