Stagg High School


Students can access the Academics page to find important forms needed throughout their high school career. Below are the graduation requirements for students at Stagg High School. 


Required Credits

English 4.0
One year (credit) must be Algebra and one year (credit) must be a course that includes Geometry content
Science 2.0
American Government .5
U.S. History 1.0
Social Studies .5
Health .5
Consumer Education
The Consumer Education requirement may be fulfilled by completing Consumer Economics, General Business, Economics, and AP Micro-Economics
ELECTIVES - Art, Foreign Language, Music, Business, Applied Tech or Family & Consumer Science
Physical Education 7 semesters
Constitution Exam MUST PASS
A passing grade in American Government indicates successful completion of the Constitution requirement
Writing Intensive Course
Two courses must be approved as "Writing Intensive Courses" - one must be an English course and one may be provided as part of approved course - this does not increase the number of required courses
Service Learning
The Service Learning requirement allows students the opportunity to enrich and extend their learning through recognition of the needs of their schools and communities
24 hours
Note - English and Math courses are sequential and each is designed as a prerequisite for the next course in the sequence. Students failing a course in Math or English MUST REPEAT the course successfully before continuing in the sequence. Summer School is the best option to make up these types of deficiencies. 

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