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Dear Stagg Chargers,
December is a busy month for the students at Stagg High School. Along with winter athletics, concerts, and plays, students will be busily preparing for final examinations before winter break. These are very important assessments and early preparation is the key to success. Traditionally, many think final exam time equates to “cramming” the week before, or even the night before an exam. This practice not only increases the stress level on a student, but also rarely results in higher achievement. Below are some tips to assist students in having successful final exams.
1. Be smart, find out what the exam will be covering! Teachers often provide study guides or review what content and skills will be covered on final exams. Spending time on curriculum that will not be covered on the exam is wasted time better spent on reviewing relevant material.
2. Short, frequent review sessions in the weeks prior to an exam increases retention and reduces stress. Study a little each evening and review notes taken in class. Begin your reviews at least two weeks before the exam.
3. Ask for help! If you are confused or unsure about information covered in class, now is the time to ask, not the day before the test.  Period 2 Intervention is a great time to get help from your teacher! 
4. Attend study sessions. Teachers often offer study sessions after school and in the evenings to help students prepare for final exams. These opportunities also allow students to ask questions about the final exam and refine what content to focus on.
5. Get enough sleep! Sleep is important regardless of final exams, but a solid sleep schedule developed weeks prior improves mental sharpness and improves content and skill recall abilities.
6. Reduce your stress! Exercise is a great way to release stress and calm your mind.
7. If you are feeling overly anxious, stressed, or depressed, seek assistance! Stagg has many resources to support students. Contact your dean or your guidance counselor if you have any concerns.
These are just a few suggestions to assist with your student’s success on their final exams. As always, if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact your student’s teacher or counselor. On a final note, on behalf of the Stagg Staff, we would like to wish all of our families a safe and enjoyable winter break and we look forward to welcoming everyone back in 2019!
Have a great winter break and Go Chargers!
Eric Olsen
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