Stagg High School

5 earn National French honors


Five Stagg High School students won medals in this year's National French Contest. 

French 2 - Karina Marquez - bronze medal - 80th percentile 
French 3 - Iman Benchehida - bronze medal - 75th percentile 
French 3 - Patrycja Gorska - bronze medal - 80th percentile 
French 3 - Nora Klein - silver medal - 85th percentile 
French 4 - Rani Hassoun - silver medal - 75th percentile 

Medals are awarded based on percentiles scored on the contest exam. In addition to the medal winners, four French 2 students were awarded Honorable Mention for their percentiles ranging from 50th to 70th. The contest is known for its difficulty level, offering questions where students are asked to read authentic French materials and listen to native speakers before answering questions. More than 85,000 students from all over the United States participated in the contest.



Patrycja Gorska, Nora Klein, and Iman Benchehida.  (not photographed Karina Marquez and Rani Hassoun._

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